Ondine & Patrick Mestdagh

Tribal Art Society

Ondine and Patrick Mestdagh have been installed in the heart of the Sablon district in Brussels for more than fifteen years. Passionate about form and design, they only select items they fall in love with. Their travels have led them to discover a variety of non-European objects, whether from Oceania, Africa, Indonesia or North America. Their exploration of such different cultures have encouraged them to appreciate the combination of beauty and utility.

The gallery participates in specialized international fairs such as the one held in San Francisco, ‘Le Parcours des Mondes’ in Paris and the BRUNEAF in Brussels where Patrick served as chairman for five years. The gallery is a member of the Royal Chamber of Antique Dealers of Belgium.

29 Rue des Minimes - 1000 Bruxelles - Belgique

Tel. : +322 511 10 27
Fax : +322 511 10 27
Mobile : +32 475 467 315

Email : patrick.mestdagh@marine.be
Web : http://www.patrickmestdagh.be